Kids & Youth

Kids & Youth

The Crown isn’t a church for adults that tries to fit children in; we love being a diverse church and value being a church made up of all sorts of people from different nationalities, languages, backgrounds AND AGES!

Children and young people matter just as much as anyone else and are a gift to the church through the energy, life and potential they bring. We want them to feel like they belong to the church as much as anyone, and as a church we want to invest in them and help them to grow to know more of Jesus’ Love and to equip them for lives following Him.

Our prayer is that our children grow up to make Jesus number 1 in their lives, learning to know God’s love, learning how to follow Him and how they can help others follow Him – and loving Church on the way! The Crown offers a number of groups for children of different ages; these are:

  • Crèche (0-2 years)
  • CK (Crown Kids) (3-11 years)
  • CY (Crown Youth) (Secondary School age)

Safe Guarding

Keeping things safe is something that really matters to us. We follow guidelines suggested by the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS) If you have any questions about our Safeguarding Policy or any other aspects of Kidswork, please feel free to ask one of the Crown Kids leaders,  Leadership Team, Mark Greveson or Sharon Hall (our Safeguarding team). Click below to read our Child Protection Statement.


The Crèche is a space parents can go and have their little ones with them without worrying about making lots of noise. The main meeting is relayed to the room so you can still hear everything being said. As well as that there are plenty of toys and refreshments are available.
You will be able to listen to the Service with other parents as you feed, change, care and play with your child. This is a parent/carer-manned facility. The Crown isn’t able to offer any supervision or care for babies or toddlers in this room.

The Crèche is overseen by Debbie Oboh.

Crown Kids

CK is our group for children who are between 3 years old and 11 years old
We have an amazing, exciting time, being superheroes, travelling the world, learning circus skills and being detectives! Best of all though, as well as having loads of fun and adventures, we get to know God better, see our prayers answered and worship Jesus
Our aim is to make this a safe and exciting place where children can come and play, have loads of fun, make noise, dance, win prizes, create masterpieces, make friends and grow in knowing Jesus.
We think this is the most exciting place to be on Sunday mornings!
Crown Kids Leaders:
Chris, Louise, Gavin and Sarahs leo.

Crown Youth

CY (Crown Youth) is our group for people of Secondary School age. It is our aim to equip our young people so that as they grow, they have skills to help them in their faith. We know the importance of having a faith that is more than their experience of church on Sunday, but one that impacts all areas of their lives and those around them. We meet regularly midweek and often have socials together.
CY Leaders:
Hannah, Mandy and Jason

Would you like to get involved in kids or youth work?