Testimony: Zac Dixon

Testimony: Zac Dixon

I grew up in the Lake District and have got 1 brother and 2 sisters, all of whose names also begin with the letter ‘z’ (Why? That’s a good question – you’d have to ask my parents).

One day I decided that I’d had enough of the quietness and the sheep, and came down to go to university in the bright lights of Birmingham where half my family lived.

University was good fun, so much so that I ended up staying way too long there, met Sarah-Joy who I later married, and had a year in Australia thrown in too.

Life has generally been fairly mundane, apart from the fairly regular dramatic run-ins with doctors and hospitals which I’ve had over the years. In 2002 I was a passenger in a serious car accident – it left me in excruciating pain with 20% movement in my neck and shoulders and muscle spasms down  my chest. Long term damage was diagnosed, that was until I got prayed for 7 days later, and suddenly had total mobility again and all pain instantly left! No medical explanation.

Then in summer 2010 (don’t mention the World Cup) it turned out we would be having twin boys – very good news, until that is we heard there were two major problems. Both babies were extremely small, not growing at the rate they should have been and it would be a result simply to get them out alive. Added to that, ‘Twin 2’ had the part of his brain (inferior cerebellum ) missing which gives movement and coordination and would be disabled. We and many others did all that we could and prayed hard. Again, a full on genuine medical miracle happened which still has the docs scratching their heads – both Noah and Finley made it out at 31 weeks (just over and just under 2lbs!), and a few days after they were born it turned out Finley’s brain had incredibly regenerated itself. Both boys are very much alive and kicking (understatement of the year), and in full health now.

The following Summer in July 2012 I fancied another piece of the action – cycling home one night I was involved in a hit and run accident with a car (NB. I was the one hit). I broke my neck in two places and had part of my left ear hanging off, but the main thing was the damage to my head and the blood clot on the brain (‘extradural haematoma with midline shift of 8mm pneumocranium left temporo parietal fracture’ if you’re interested). Again, many people prayed hard, again God stepped in and again, a genuine miracle happened. Somehow I didn’t die, avoided long term brain damage, came out of the coma at the first time of asking and (unfortunately for many) avoided major personality change. They let me out of hospital after only 11 days, asked my permission to use my case as training for their neurosurgeons as evidence things happen which you can never explain, and I returned to work after 11.5 weeks.

Who said life as a Christian is boring?