Vision & Values

Vision (Where we’re going)

The vision for most Christian Churches is probably very similar (as it’s based on the things Jesus called us to do!) but, at risk of stating the obvious, these things really matter to us and are the things that we are living for as a Church:

To worship God with all of our lives

To be and make committed followers (disciples) of Jesus (The Great Commission)

To show Gods Goodness by the way we love one another The Great Commandment)

To build a Church that serves, affects and reflects the diverse community around us

To send people to plant Churches in the UK and the Nations

Values (What is important to us)

These are the things that give the ‘flavour’ of the Crown:

Being a family together (committed, relaxed, informal, real)

Serving one another and our community

Being generous with our money, time, hospitality and friendship

Being outward looking (taking responsibility for our city, our nation and the Nations)

Being a place where strong, real friendships are built

Loving the Bible digging deeper into it and allowing it to shape our lives

Being hungry for more of Gods Presence and seeking more of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Being a place where people are welcome to come and find out more about Christianity without any pressure

Being a Church that honours one another and is made up of many languages, cultures, colours, nations

Having strong links with the Catalyst/Newfrontiers family of Churches and other local churches