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Walking into a new church can be quite scary, and it may help you if you know what to expect before you come.

What should I wear?

We’re very relaxed and informal – wear whatever you are comfortable with! We promise no-one is going to be looking at you!

What does a Sunday look like?

We meet at 10.30 and start with a time of coffee and donuts, this is a good time to meet new people and get to know one another. Then we have a time of singing (worship) – often people will pray out – sometimes in different languages, and share Bible passages or things that they feel that God is speaking to them about. After that we have another short break (more coffee and donuts!) After this break (11.40) there is amazing children’s work (Crown Kids) for Primary school aged children, there are also crèche facilities/toys available for younger children, although this is unmanned. After the break there will be a talk from the Bible for about 30-40 minutes – we aim to make this practical and easy to understand. After this, there will be time for us to pray with one another and respond to anything we believe God is speaking about. We promise that there won’t be any pressure on you, but if you would like to, there will always be someone to talk to and pray with.

Can I get someone to meet me before the meeting?

We know it’s a big thing to walk into a meeting where you don’t know many people, so if it helps we can arrange for someone to meet you outside the building or sit with you through the meeting. If this would help, then phone us on 0121 240 6335 or e-mail us at  and we’ll sort this out.

What about my children?

There are lots of children at the Crown and we love having them with us! We are very used to noise and people moving around. We hope you and your family will feel relaxed and at home. There is amazing kidswork, an unmanned crèche and a youth house-group – see the Kids Work pages on the website for more information.

Do I have to give any money?

We don’t normally take an offering and we wouldn’t expect guests to give. There is a blue box for offerings at the back of the meeting where people who choose to give.